*CLOSED* Creative Review Tour: A Journey Unveiled by Amy Maltman

Fictional Friends presents a new Creative Review Tour for A Journey Unveiled by Amy Moltman. The tour will take place from February 1st to February 7th, 2021.

We need 7 amazing bookstagrammers/bloggers to either read the book and post a review, or post any type of creative content on their respective dates of the tour. It can be a playlist, favorite quotes, moodboard, etc.

All hosts will receive e-copies, along with some 3D graphics for your pictures.

- Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult.

- Pages: 261.

- ISBN: 978-1708982706

- Where to buy:

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU


It’s June 8, 2004. The first Transit of Venus in more than a century. Eighteen-year-old Lexi Guinel and her family are flying high above the Italian Alps when a storm sweeps in, knocking their plane from the sky. While seeking help, Lexi stumbles through a mysterious veil into a world of magic and evil.

Crown Prince Aeric of Gower obeys his father’s every command, no matter how dark or cruel. When elves and dwarves seize the city Aeric commands, he is grateful for his critical wounds. He'd rather face death than the king’s wrath. Unfortunately, the witches and elves have other plans.

Lexi has more to learn than magic. Life in Gowerland is dangerous, especially after her fate becomes entwined with that of Prince Aeric. They both have important roles to play...provided they don’t kill each other first.


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