*CLOSED* Creative Tour Sign Ups: Four Regions series by Andrea Fink

Fictional Friends presents a new Creative Tour for the Four Regions series by Andrea Fink. The tour will take place from March 1st to March 7th, 2021.

These books are part of the same series, but they can be read separately. So you can go with the one that sounds more appealing to you (though you will miss some worldbuilding from book one if you decide to skip it). For this tour you can choose between posting about just one of the books (whichever) or both.

We need 7 amazing bookstagrammers/bloggers to post any type of creative content on their respective dates of the tour. It can be a playlist, favorite quotes, moodboard, mini review, etc. Digital copies of both books will be given to all hosts along with some 3D graphics for your pictures.

- Genre: Fantasy; Young Adult.

- Where to buy:

Mask: Audiobook, Paperback

Wave (preorder): Paperback


Emily thought magic only existed in the books she read as a child. When a handsome stranger enlists her help to uncover who tried to kill the princess of another world, she learns those books were more than just stories. She discovers the Four Regions - a realm where magical creatures fled to escape human persecution. It is there Emily finds the power, passion, and friendships she had always secretly craved.

The determined demon who guides her.

The irresistible vampire who entices her.

The excitable demoness who supports her.

The quiet elf who understands her.

Now Emily must unmask a murderer while wearing a mask herself, resisting a growing temptation that could ruin her newfound family.


Dirge never felt at home in the Seas—her family made sure of that. A half-breed in a siren shoal where purity and beauty reign, she was a failure from birth. When her mother sends her on a mission for vengeance, she must trade her tail for legs and carry out a murder. If she succeeds, she will earn power and prominence among her kind. If she fails, her demon father will pay the price.

When she arrives in a new region, she finds more than the darkness and evil she had come to expect.

She finds power.

She finds support.

She finds a home.

But Dirge must hide the secret of what she truly is and why she is in the region, lest her plan is foiled and her mother follows through on her threat to destroy everything Dirge holds dear.


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