*CLOSED* Promo Tour Sign Up: The Siren's Call by Alonna Williams

Fictional Friends presents a new Review Tour for The Siren's Call by Alonna Williams. The tour will take place from March 8th to March 14th, 2021.

We need 14 amazing bookstagrammers to feature the book in a picture and post a book spotlight on their respective dates of the tour.

All hosts will receive e-copies as a thank you for participating, along with some 3D graphics for your pictures.

- Genre: Fantasy, lower Young Adult.

- Where to buy:

Hardcover | Paperback


“Oh little one, the darkness is waiting, oh little one, run from it if you can; come little one, where the light can find you…” This was a familiar shanty to Manchester born, Trevor Henderson; having grown up being mesmerized by stories of swashbuckling rogues, adventurous pirates and captivating aquatic creatures, he was no stranger to sea shanties. These tales instilled in him a longing for the sea. Upon turning sixteen, he begins hearing whispers in the night, coaxing him to leave his posh life behind and follow his dreams; when Trevor finally takes the risk, he’s swept away on an adventure he never expected. He soon learns the truth about his own identity and history, causing him to wonder if he should have set foot outside his comfort zone…


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